Somerset County Council Deferred Payment Agreement: What You Need to Know

Are you a resident of Somerset County and are considering entering a deferred payment agreement with the local council? If so, it is crucial that you understand the basics of the process and how it can impact your finances down the road.

What is a Deferred Payment Agreement?

A deferred payment agreement (DPA) is a legal arrangement between an individual and their local council. In simple terms, it allows individuals to defer paying for their care home costs, with the council stepping in to cover the costs of their care upfront. The agreement is then repaid later through the sale of the individual`s property or after their passing.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

In Somerset County, the eligibility criteria for a DPA include:

– You must be receiving care that is funded by the council.

– You must have savings of less than £23,250.

– You must own a property or have a financial interest in one.

It is essential to note that if you are married or have a partner living with you, the value of your joint assets will be considered in determining your eligibility.

What are the Fees and Interest Rates?

The council charges interest on the amount deferred, which means that the amount repaid will be higher than the amount borrowed. The interest rate for a DPA in Somerset County is currently 1.9%.

In addition to the interest charges, there are also administrative fees associated with the agreement. The council charges an application fee of £600, which covers the cost of setting up and administering the agreement. There is also an annual fee of £60, which covers the cost of monitoring the agreement.

What are the Benefits and Risks?

The main benefit of a DPA is that it allows individuals to defer paying for their care home costs and avoid selling their property or other assets to pay for their care. It provides greater peace of mind and financial certainty for both the individual and their loved ones.

However, there are also risks associated with a DPA. The main risk is that the interest charges can accumulate over time, and the amount owed can quickly become significant. This can impact the amount of inheritance that the individual`s estate can pass on to their beneficiaries.

Overall, a DPA can be a useful tool for individuals who need care and wish to protect their property and assets. However, it is essential to carefully consider the fees and interest charges before entering into an agreement.

In conclusion, if you are considering entering a deferred payment agreement in Somerset County, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and understand the fees and interest charges associated with the agreement. Seek professional advice from a financial advisor or solicitor if you have any doubts or concerns.

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